Friday, November 16, 2007

Durable Handbags

I bought myself a new purse after watching the Rachel Ray where they tested the Mom's handbag for germs & found staph, ecoli & bunches of other gross stuff. The purse I was using was old (like 8 years old) & had to have just been nasty!

So of course I find this website in my email today...
Hardware Handbags including a code (HH3) that is good for $30 off until the end of November.

The tout their line as eco-friendly, cruelty free (not leather), & sustainable. It can (as a last resort) be machine washed!

Their price is a tad more than I would usually pay for something like a handbag, but is reasonable considering current pricing trends and if it is as durable as claimed. Note: I paid $9.48 for my bag off the clearance rack & it isn't leather either... I doubt it will last me forever, but it will do!

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