Thursday, November 15, 2007

Clearing my shelves

I think this will be my Tackle it Tuesday submission!

I just got done taking the rest of my CDs out of the jewel cases & putting them in a binder something like this. The bulk of them are already in totes in the car. Of course I am really looking forward to going MP3 with them all...

I think I'm gonna do it with most of our DVDs too. We just got done rearranging the house a little & I have no more storage for all the DVDs we have. I'll keep more than a few in the original cases (the Lord of the Rings & some of the kids ones). But most will be tossed with the trash soon! I think the kids are more likely to scratch a DVD putting it back in its case than into a flexible sheet protector.

Now I have a couple of built in shelves free for decorating with my Christmas houses! Yippeee!!!

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