Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Real Snow, maybe.

We are expecting our first real snow tonight. It's about time!!! We have been blessed with an extended bout of nice snow free weather. I think we're all just starting to feel antsy, like if it doesn't start soon will we get 10 feet to make up for it??? LOL!

The kids both have colds as do I. I know that it isn't really the warm - cold weather changes, but doesn't it always seem to come then???

We had to visit the pediatric cardiologist for the Princess today. We found out in October that she has a heart murmur, so today we had her "inspected." Turns out it is common & "normal" in kids & she is defect free, they weren't however able to locate her OFF button.

I feel for people in this situation without insurance, because this little visit (ok 1 hour & 45 minutes is not little) cost $1000, OMG! ~ I so should have gone to medical school!! But not to be a Dr, a tech of some kind, or better yet work for a company that makes the equipment. ~ Thankfully our out of pocket is 10% (makes me wish for a $20 co-pay to come back) $100 to find out the princess is well was worth every penny & more.

It feels good just to breathe the sigh of relief, we were SO nervous that our old Dr had missed something (after all this is the woman that told my MIL there is no lymph in the groin or leg area, duh, basic biology, of course she no longer does because it was removed in a 12 hour cancer surgery).

Oh yeah, Parent Teacher conferences were last night (I missed Shrek the Halls- Grrr) & the Prince is doing much better this year. His teacher said he has greatly improved in his ability to get things done & focus on stuff, in fact for a while he was meticulous she had to hurry him up! He is in PT to get his core strength up & so far it has helped with his writing a lot. So he will continue that. Woohooo! I am feeling much better about my decision to hold him back now!

I am going to work on a goals update & setting some 2008 ones in the next few days. That seems to be it for catching up, sometimes things don't change for weeks & then all of a sudden we have little time to turn around!!! C'est la vie!!! (my spell check wants to change c'est to crest, too funny!!!)

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