Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday #21

Bye Bye Fall, Hello Winter!!!

I have a large list for this week! Pastor is coming to meet with us tonight, so getting the house company ready is priority 1, organizing it is #2!!!

Clear Surfaces in kitchen, living & dining room
Vacuum the boy's room, dining room area rug, laundry room
Dust Mop rest of house

Clean bathroom
Make Cupcakes for Friday (Princess' birthday treat)
Pick up PTA fund raiser stuff
balance checkbook
27 Fling boogie main living areas

Shopping list for Thanksgiving
menu for Thanksgiving dinner
Inventory gifts already acquired
Clean & prepare all the crock pots
Clean roaster
Move Turkeys to the refrigerator

Start sewing doll clothes
Clean out fridge & freezer
Figure out cell phone software
Make dinner & plan the next 3 days
Work - Wed, Thur, Friday this week
Make a BF shopping list
Still waiting for the Walmart ad of course!

Fix kids alarm clocks (still an hour off, oops!)
Oh yea, my google reader needs some serious organizing!

Check out the other tackles! Good luck to Lisa - The Apron Queen in her new endeavor, we will miss her. Too bad it's winter here now (snow arrived yesterday) I'm so inspired by Marni's tackle to get out & turn my ugly outbuildings into pretty usable spaces!!!

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