Thursday, November 13, 2008

My late Tackle it Tuesday!!!

We spent most of the day Sunday finishing the bathroom (well almost, it still needs trim). But we did get the counter & cupboards in & cleaned (they've been in the basement for 2 years)! There is a mirror to go here, but we have to be creative in the way it gets hung, no studs in the proper places! Thankfully we bought lots of base trim, a construction pack! The Ugly spot on the left will get covered by a wide piece of painted wood & have towel hooks on it (That's where there used to be a wall & door).

The other mirror matches the one over the sink.

I hung the towel bar all by myself!

I picked up this laundry hamper at Big Lots for $15. The trim next to it will get installed at some point, just not anytime soon! I'm not even sure where it was supposed to go, found out too late hubby didn't measure the right areas, oops. I realized when I went to dry fit it, after painting it. That was a lovely afternoon!!!

I still need to finish painting the door & window trim in my "Bear Rug" brown. Think chocolate bar, milk, not dark!!!

I also picked up an extra box of the floor tiles. We need to do the laundry room & upstairs bathroom. I guess I really like the gray slate vinyl tile look!!!

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