Saturday, November 8, 2008

Now the fun begins

Well nearing the end of his eligible Unemployment collection days, hubby applied to work at a non-profit in the same town where I got my part time job (one of our agencies, ironically).

He went in for a follow-up interview and ended up working his first day! It's flexible schedule wise. It shouldn't interfere with his doing online classes in a couple months, for his MBA. So it all works out. And finally a job offer that doesn't require driving an hour one way or a pay cut from the unemployment. The latter being the most frustrating part of the whole thing!

We knew it would be interesting money wise for us moving back here when we did 6 years ago. We were right! Hubby doesn't have the correct education to find one of the white collar middle class paying jobs in the area and too much to get a blue collar middle class paying job!

The job he took will pay just over the unemployment he was getting, I'm sure it was hard to swallow, after all he's gotten a lot done on the house and other projects (volunteer work he's been doing). But now he will be working at a local food pantry & soup kitchen. I think it will be a good fit, and is probably the best fitting job he's had since I met him in 1990!

The best part is that now we can get back on track. Honestly, I haven't talked about finances in a long time, it's been too depressing! But, now with 2 incomes and the price of gas dropping $1.50 a gallon things are looking up!

I'll be dealing with our finances a little more, we need to get a mortgage on our house, I probably have 3 years to do it. Of course we do have a little equity in it from the past 5 years, nothing like the 500% increases in the west. Things don't move that fast here!!! Which is probably why we weren't hit as hard with all the foreclosures. In fact several houses have recently sold at or just below asking price here. Things stay steady here, no huge jumps means no huge falls, thankfully.

Ok, I've rambled on enough! I've got a busy Saturday ahead of us.
Wedding at 3
Dance at 10:30
Football equipment turn in
Post office (gotta mail out my packages, no more procrastinating)
Fix my Mom's computer (again!)
4 showers, iron clothes... ahhhh

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