Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Book Giveaway #2

"Did you know that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans produce an extra 2 BILLION pounds of garbage per week? Every Christmas Season, enough holiday cards are sold to fill a ten-story football stadium? If every child under the age of 6 received a quality wood toy in place of a plastic on, we'd avoid 17 million tons of plastic landfill?" - From the back of the book

I am not the biggest "green" person I know, but I can certainly relate to the eye popping trash pile during this time of year. I have only mentioned once or twice that my kiddos birthdays are around Thanksgiving time, so we have double the trash in a very small time frame.

I am hoping this book helps with that a little! After all there are only so many uses for large vacu-formed pieces of packaging or used gift-wrap.

I have a copy of Green Christmas: How to Have a Joyous, Eco-Friendly Holiday Season by Jennifer Basye Sander and Peter Sander with Anne Basye to give away.

This book has tips on deciding on a tree, making gifts that are "green", switching to led lights. The great part is that it is just a little book, perfect as an stocking stuffer.

I'll be drawing a # (Using online random number generator) at 9PM EST on October 30th (THURSDAY).

How to enter:

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