Monday, October 13, 2008

From My Google Reader...

Homemaker Barbi has put together an amazing Get Ready for Winter checklist. Seems redundant to do one of my own!!! I'm just going to go over hers & see what I need to Tackle for tomorrows Tackle it Tuesday!!!

This week I will be doing:

1. Pack away summer clothes.

2. Box up summer shoes and sandals.

3. Unpack winter outer wear. We already had to get out the box of hats & gloves for last weeks football game, brrrr!

4. Unpack and wash winter inner wear, such as wool socks, flannel pajamas, sweaters, and robes.

5. Donate adults’ and kids’ old coats, snow pants and boots that are too small to a local shelter or Goodwill. - We will have a coat collection at the Prince's school. I'll just be ready early!

6. Switch to heavyweight pajamas.

I am also ready for my CLR Tackle Now I just need to decide what to clean first!

For the Kids! 2 Fall Leaf Projects for kids.

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