Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Find $1000 by the Holidays

Again Kiplinger has sent me another great read I just had to share with you all!!!

“Find $1,000 by the Holidays” gives 6 simple ideas to trim some minor expenses and wind up with up with an extra $1,000 in your savings count.

The tips include:

1. Adjust your tax withholding.

2. Take fewer trips to the grocery store. Making bigger shopping trips less often will cut down on your impulse buys.

3. Kick a habit. Little routines can add up to big bucks.

4. Eat out one less time per month.

5. Put on a sweater. dropping your thermostat just two degrees and donning a sweater will save you $30 a month

6. Examine your phone and cable use. Do you really need all those cable channels?

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