Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My new mission

I am on this purging kick. I'm not sure how all this junk accumulated in my house (OK, so I might have had something to do with it, but really only half of it is mine, maybe 1/3).

I have already managed to find 2 construction sized bags of garbage. Between the broken toys, stuff that was hiding in corners & under furniture. I am hoping to have a few boxes to take to the Salvation Army.

I just realized that the one thing that is standing between me & our moving the master suite upstairs is junk & lots of it. The laundry didn't get put away the three weeks I was working so it has been piled up everywhere. This opened my eyes to the sheer amount of clothing we have that we don't wear or will ever wear, because my closet was still fairly full but I had nothing to wear or that looked right. And of course my sewing room is still in shambles so little by little, project by project I am clearing the clutter & junk out to make room for the stuff I need & use.

The basement is pretty empty now that we donated our old cabinets to the little league snack stand. Except for the clothes I was saving to recycle into clothing for the kids. Most of them are going to get tossed because I doubt I will get to most of the projects I had planned & it has just become clutter. So after I get all the junk cleared out I will be able to have a nice organized storage space for our seasonal items. That will clear up some space from around the house that is currently housing the seasonal decor.

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