Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Queen of More Green -

Jaci Rae is an author/musician/business woman I was just introduced to. She sounds like another frugalista & her books are ones I have added to my wishlist.

The first site I visited was Shop for a day and her book Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae - How to Get Almost Anything for Free. This book looks like a great collection of money saving strategies & ideas. I enjoyed listening to the podcasts available on the side bar. It's always good to hear someone else's frugal ideas to refuel your motivation!!!

Another of her sites Penny Meals features another book 5 Meals for $5 - How to Feed 5 People 5 Meals for $5.00 - $8.00 or Less! You Don't Need to Be Wealthy To Eat Healthy This one is huge on my list of must have books. Of course that could be the recipe addict talking...You can read a snippet of this book on the Penny Meals website, including the table of contents, which list the individual recipes available in the book, YUMMY!

You can also visit her blog.

I will be exploring her tips since she seems to take the "CVS extra care buck" theory & applied to lots of the other stuff out there. I am all about the free stuff!!! (At least the free stuff I can use or give away!)

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