Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Organizing!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My tackle today is more organizing & moving stuff around! The closet upstairs is just waiting for me to finish moving my stuff into it.

I am also tackling the kitchen floor (hands & knees scrubbing the hardwoods, ewww) & Mt. Laundry today as well!!!

I am making my list of must have to keep my new larger closet functional & neat. I am adding 2 of these to start.

Slide N' Stax

If they work I may pick up a couple more. Right now I have some t-shirts stacked in a wicker basket, which isn't really convenient. I don't like to dig to find the one thing I'm looking for, then you have to refold everything... yuck!

I also grabbed a bunch of our dividers from the chocolate shop. Lots of our chocolate came with cardboard dividers. These are so helpful in the underwear & sock drawers. So with them organized I have extra drawer space, amazing, before we had 4 drawers dedicated to these small things. Now we are sharing 2 drawers one undies, one socks, WOW!

I am not sure what I will put in the wicker baskets after I have the clothes stacked in the slide 'n stax. Maybe purses, exercise equipment, who knows!

I took another bag of papers to our schools paper recycling bin. It looked full so it's nice to see others in the community contributing too. It wasn't just school papers!

The more that leaves the house the better... I am starting to feel lighter everyday. The garbage pick up guys hate me, the freecyclers will love me & hopefully the house will stay "cleaner" longer!!! WOOHOO!

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