Monday, June 25, 2007

All caught up in summer

With the Prince back to school today (reading camp) I am finally feeling like normal! Haven't had a chance to post in for EVER!!! I spend most of computer time working & I don't seem to get back to it once hubby comes home, we've been too busy enjoying the out of doors.

My gardens are in, we might even have our first grape tomatoes this week. The pumpkins are planted & I even got in 2 strawberry plants. I don't know what to expect from them this year, but they were already producing fruit in the pots I bought them in.

Still need to finish clean up from the garage sale, amazing how everything just gets put off to enjoy the nice weather of get something else done!

Our weekend was interesting to say the least! We helped the neighbor in her yard a little. Her son mows our yard with their rider & we lend her our push mower, well between her & me mowing Sat we managed to kill the push mower DEAD!!! I'm sure I helped I was hacking some really large weeds with it out by our woods & then she took on a really large rock to finish it off... So we will be buying a new mower. Hubby doesn't think he can save it. Just another unnecessary expense! Of course the neighbor feels responsible, but she isn't & there is no way we'll let her pay to replace it (single mom of pity party we just like them!)

Well then the interesting part is after that, hubby was digging holes to set a couple posts in by our garage & he took out the underground power line to the garage! We aren't sure why it is there, if you could see the yard it doesn't make any sense so he didn't think twice about it... So that was 2...

I managed to make it 3 & insignificant at the same time...I broke a scrub brush handle! Woohoo! I just barely stepped on it so aggravating none the less!

Gotta go water my tons o'plants now!!!

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