Thursday, June 7, 2007

Coloring Pages for girls

I just was introduced to the Doll Place's Coloring Pages. The website description says it specializes in stuff to interest teen girls but I was able to find some simple lined Princess, bear, and other cartoon images for my 3 year old to scribble on. I was able to save the image & print it out for her to use. She isn't totally computer savvy yet. But she loves to color.

The neat thing I found was the "paint" color feature! Just click on the image you want to color & the pallet pops up & you can color away. For some reason I really like lazy coloring. Just fill in the space with the paint feature, I find it relaxing! It would be more girly if you were able to add glitter! Girls like glittery stuff.

This is definitely for older girls or to be visited with supervision. Some of the artwork is uploaded by members & if you stray into the doll creation they are naked, eek!

You can upload your own pen & ink picture to "color." To save your work you only have to register for a free account, then you can share your work with friends & have them color your pictures or others.

It was worth the visit & is now a permanent resident in my bookmarks!

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