Monday, July 9, 2007

Goodness, where have I been...

I guess I have been more wrapped up in life than I thought. Didn't realize that I had abandoned my blog for this long. Time flies when you are outside!

I have also been busy working almost every day, watering plants, cleaning the house, etc, etc, etc. We did get delayed on the computer because I lost 2 days battling a computer virus. Ewwwww.

My driveway has become the Dayton 500 for the neighborhood. On any given day I can have up to 12 kids riding their bikes around my paved & circular driveway. They have even gone so far as to have qualifying times...

I have several reviews I'm working on. One is my new toy the Neat Receipts Scannilizer. This thing is so awesome. Now that I have it happy with my computer & vice versa things are running smoothly & I should be able to give a detailed report in a week.

I have also been looking over some products from Straight Edge, Inc. They have some great educational "Mom approved" type of stuff. Including this adorable bath tub book that plays Old MacDonald... LOVE IT!

So as soon as all is ready I'll have those out to you!

I'm also over due for a June Goals assessment... procrastination. Starting to feel that overwhelmed feeling again, deep breath & lists, lots of lists! All will come together!

DS has started the summer recreation program. We have started on an allowance (believe I mentioned it last post). So far so good, he keeps asking me about the "other $2" he is supposed to be getting. I had to remind him that as soon as he has enough we'll take it down to the bank & put it in his account. I probably should do it weekly, but once a month will do, then he'll have $8 to put in. He has been doing good at keeping his room straight

DD has been floating around visiting Granny & busily trashing the house when she is here! I have made her start picking up after herself. She has done a fantastic job of keeping he bedroom floor clean & putting the dirty laundry in the hamper, not too bad for 3 1/2!

I'll update more tomorrow, goals, goals, goals!!!

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