Sunday, June 3, 2007

Comments on Comments!

Christy, I don't think I've gotten any direct offers yet, but I posted the badge! I just had to download Firefox for my job. I used to have it & really liked the tabbed browsing, but since the new IE had tabbed browsing I just never got around to switching.

I love PPP Direct, I got my first one today and it was cool that I was directly asked by someone.

I also found out that you need the Firefox browser to be able to view your job details, etc. So I downloaded it. So far I'm liking the whole firefox thing, it's a bit different from what I'm used to.

Hope you are having a great day!

Christy 05.29.07

I did have a problem with the disclosure badge from PPP so I re-did the code & all seems to be okay. I think I found a "I disclose" badge somewhere, but apparently I didn't install it on my side bar...

Things are looking up! I am still waiting for my first paycheck to come (trying to be patient but it isn't easy!) My only complaint is now my computer time for blogging is limited so I don't post as much. Plus I can't really talk about what I do, it's "confidential"!!! Otherwise I'd have tons to say about it, some of the things I have had to view are just downright creepy!

I dislike not having a real checking account, it is far more inconvenient in our rural area than if we lived some place more urban. I did get him to agree that one of his June paychecks he will go open an account near where he works. I really like the ING accounts, because of the high interest rates but we need something more local too.

I am writing my PPP Direct post right now, and I am hoping to start getting some offers soon. Just wondering, did you have any troubles with the PPP disclosure badge not showing up on your post?
Melissa 05.30.07

I would go INSANE without the checkbook! I tried to give financial control to my husband a few years back 'cause I was just so fed up with it. That lasted a few days ~ I was so crazy with not knowing what was going on!

Glad things are lookin' up for you!

The Honda Civic Hybrid lists 50 mpg highway so even if it drops a little in reality it is still better than the 18-20 our 1995 Windstar will get. Plus there is an added tax credit for 2007 (estimated at $2100) just found out about that! That was why I'm not really interested in the "other" hybrids. I know I could get a bigger vehicle but the mileage improvement just isn't there. You'd think we'd be further along than we are in 2007!!! But consumers can't seem to win! Because of Ethanol the price of corn is going up.

Just an FYI--

You may want to check on the mileage thing before you jump in to the hybrid. I think they are a great, green way to help the environment, but the great mileage is based on mostly city driving. When I questioned why the mileage wouldn't be as high on the highway (since that is where most cars get the best mileage) I was told that the electric part works at lower speeds (city driving) and that on the highway the gas engine kicks in. This causes it to be more like a 'normal' car when it comes to mileage on the highway. Just something to ponder as you make the best frugal decision. I hope that soon we have a great green and frugal way to transport ourselves!


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