Monday, June 11, 2007

New Budget

I've estimated my income, & hubby's income for the upcoming insurance deductions but I think I've got it worked out!  At least I know what I have to work & why!

I am not going to put in amounts, but I'll use % instead

Income 100%

Housing = 20.5%

Utilities = 9.7%

Heat = 2%

Car = 19% (includes savings for new car, fees, gas, maintenance)

Food/Household =  27.5% (includes food, household, allowance, yard maintenance, & entertainment)

Savings EF/house = 7.5%

529= 1.5% (total for both kids, so individually 0.75%)

Debts= 7.5%

Flex = 4.8% (can go to building cushion balance on accounts, paying debts, or other misc purchases)

I have the actual amounts figured for my own use.  Now that we are looking at paying off the last "catch up" bill we should be okay. 

I am also heading into the other room to get the apartment appliances ready to sell this weekend.  We are putting them out front for a Saturday Sale.  I am going to put out a bunch of the kids stuff too, just to see what I can get rid of.  Hopefully all will go & we won't have anything left, but if we do it'll go to rural ministries or the Salvation Army.

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