Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yummy Smoothie & theological quiz

I have apparently decided to start my health kick! I made myself a smoothie for lunch. It isn't bad, I probably should have strained the "oat milk" it's a tad gritty.

Oat milk - 1 cup water, 1 cup oats (rolled) or oat bran blended in a blender. You can strain or not (more fiber). I used rolled oats because that is what I have

I finished my first glass, not bad, pretty filling so I'll share!

1 snack sized container of vanilla yogurt
1 frozen banana
4 large frozen strawberries
3/4 C oat milk
1/4 C water
1 T flax seed - milled
1 tsp ginger
1 T honey
dash of cinnamon
Blended smooth.

Next time I will probably blend the flax with the oats to make the milk & then strain it. Of course the point is to increase my fiber & healthy stuff. I added the water because it was too thick & the honey because my strawberries weren't the sweetest.

Otherwise, not bad, nothing the kids would enjoy though!

Found this quiz at Mama Says... Pretty much confirmed what I already know, I don't really fit into any existing Christian Religion! I was Lutheran for a while & that seemed to fit me much better than the Catholic I had to be until I was confirmed. Of course when I was younger we used to enjoy torturing our Religious Ed teachers. We questioned everything & we never had a teacher be prepared for it, so if you are teaching Sunday school classes, be prepared with answers. "Because the Pope says so" is not going to win over a room full of curious teens!

You scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan, You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God's grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavly by John Wesley and the Methodists.

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan




Neo orthodox


Classical Liberal


Modern Liberal




Roman Catholic


Reformed Evangelical




What's your theological worldview?
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