Monday, July 23, 2007

Straight Edge, Inc. - Review

I was asked to review some products for my readers from this awesome company Straight Edge, Inc. They sent me a sampling of their products & my kids have been bugging me ever since their Fed-Ex arrival to get off my behind & review them!

The biggest draw to my 3 year old has been the Old MacDonald Rub a Dub book. She pressed the button to play the music at least 50 times before I took it out of the plastic. It is supposed to be waterproof so it can go in the tub. It hasn't made it that far yet, but I'm sure it will at bath time.

My 7 year old has had his eye on the Ambulance Inside/Outside puzzle. He loves anything with wheels & this puzzle has it all!

The kids wanted to take it apart as soon as the wrapper came off.

I haven't had them use the "I can set the table" Write A Mat yet. We are still eating casually outside most nights, but next time we eat at the table inside it will get used.

The Beach Read a Mat is nifty & timely! We haven't been to the beach that often yet this summer but we have been a few times. Our beach is a lake beach and not VERY sandy but they've seen all the stuff on there!

The website has a huge variety of products & is well worth the stop. There are products for most of the grade levels (I'd say the periodic table mat would have come in handy during Chemistry 101...). My favorite is probably the "Quote on a Mat" with quotes on laminated mats from Thomas Edison, Gandhi, Churchill, how do you choose just one?

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