Monday, July 30, 2007

Furniture From Home - Review

I know I am not on the market for upscale furniture right now, but I do so love "Windows" shopping!

I was asked to review a home furniture website. The website is user friendly, they even put their toll free number at the top of the screen, I do so dislike having to click 10 times to get it. They even have a catalog to request for browsing on the go.

I am looking for a nice dresser for my bedroom. It is the one piece of furniture we need in there. I'd like it to be smaller than the one we have now. The one we own is really too long for the room. It doesn't fit on any available walls. Must be the problem of having a half round room! I had considered a storage bed instead. Probably a little more pricey an option but we don't have a "real" bed either, just a mattress on the frame. I think $1399 is a little on the expensive side, but then there is that 100% free delivery & set up. Especially since my parents just dropped a regular mattress into their water bed (bookcase headboard & under storage). Bet I could find a used king frame for less if I'm patient!

We are planning on re-using our old dresser somewhere else in the house, possibly the princess's room. So it won't go to waste!

I also checked out the web site's leather sectional living room furniture. Nice pictures of their home theater furniture, if you have such a thing. We don't need a sectional, but my Mom is looking so checked just for fun. I did find a nice leather reclining wing chair for $649. That I have a place for.

After browsing the site I did find a Cherry/Leather dining room set that would be perfect for my house. The table and 6 chairs, just gorgeous for a mere $1799.99. I think the leather would be good for cleanups, but not sure how it would handle the abuse of a 3 & 7 year old!

They even have home office furniture. From a plain Secretary to Executive suites and computer hutches this store seems to have it all!

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