Sunday, July 15, 2007

Auction Saturday

I do so love a good auction. It is always sad to attend an "estate settling" auction, but it is a necessary evil.

I say evil, because they are addicting! My parents next door neighbor passed away a few months ago & Saturday was the auction. We went with a list of items we were interested in & left with none of them!!! Apparently, the antique dealers were there in full force. Good for the family, bad for those of us looking for a bargain. I was interested in a dresser for my bedroom. Well, the first one I wanted went for over $300, the second almost $150. I was hoping to go about $100 or less. I did get a lovely porcelain top table for our porch, night stand for my bedroom, a box of baking pans (8 pie plate, 4 cake pans, 9x13 with cover, smaller dish with cover, saucepan, tons of loaf pans), an old canvas flag that is HUGE, set of 3 roasting pans, Fisher price playhouse with people (the old style), cars & a container of tinker toys, a wheelbarrow, a bed, sheets for the bed (I will have a guest room shortly, cool!), 4 umbrellas (I sold one for the cost of all 4 once it started to rain!!!), a PILE of knitting needles/yarn & misc stuff ($2 odd lots score!), floor lamp for the living room, box of gag stuff (Halloween will rock this year), electric chainsaw, loping shears, crow bar, large scoop shovel (for the coal stove), metal plant stand (needs spray paint).

The toys was a major score for our collection. I have too look up & see what we are missing from the set. I know there was a castle that we don't have...

I was outbid on lots of stuff like the old wagon with the croquette set, buffet table, workbench (although that was hubby & I would have gone higher than he did).

It was a very long day, started at 8:30 when we got there & ended at 5 something when we started hauling everything home.

Bonus, afterwards we scavenged through what was left in the box lots & scored a push sweeper (no motor kind), wood shutters (hopefully will fit the weird space above my hall closet that was left unfinished), wood cutting board, pitcher set, sweatshirts for the kids, folding clothes rack, coffee pitcher, my Grandma took two vacuums.

I'm not sure how the family made out but it was fascinating to watch & see how things you thought were "junk" would bring huge money & something that was nice & useful wouldn't even sell.

I am still pooped so once I get pics I'll add them tot he post. but for now I need to grab another cup of coffee & go toss the new sheets in the dryer!

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