Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Super Savings - Walgreens today **Updated

**I missed the revlon nail polish deal, which is no biggie, I only wanted to get a couple newer colors. I have plenty to choose from already. My neighbor cleaned out her stash on me, her Mom is an Avon Rep, so I'm sure I only have a fraction of her stuff!!!

I did make it back to Walgreen's for a round 2 on the Robitussin deal. I used the $10 coupon from the first, a $10/$40 internet coupon, a $3/$10 in store (grand opening) coupon, the $10 gift card from my points and the "Half" coupon code for photos online. I ordered over 100 prints and paid under $10 for them. It was worth the trip.**

I like working close to CVS and Walgreens. I can pop in quickly on my way home so I don't have to plan a weeks trip!

Today I took advantage of the $3.99 Robitussin with the buy 3 get $10 Walgreen bucks at the register. A Call to Higher Places has a link to a $3/1 coupon. I was able to print 9. Since I work 3 days this week that's what I needed.

So I spent $2.97 opp, got $10 to spend on the next trip. Plus I finally got my Walgreen's gift card today in the mail. You can start earning yours just Join MyPoints NOW!

Wednesday, I'll stop at CVS for the nail polish deal too, I just need to get my coupons ready for that.

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