Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Update and POWA

Parade of WEEKLY adventures!

We spent the entire weekend partying! Between our communities Fall Festival, football, the festival's parade and more.

Most of the kids activities were a wash due to the rainy weather, but they still had 2 party jumpers and some carnival games. We only had a small window of fun time on Saturday because of the Prince's football game, but they managed to get filthy and bounce them selves silly!

The parade on Sunday was a huge success, except for the rain again. It had fire departments, cheerleaders, football players (mine!), marching bands, Shriners, horses, even a float! There were prizes, but we didn't ever hear who won them.

I'm not sure what they are raising money for this year, but the last 2 years the committee made sizable donations to the new playground project (my hubby got the grant to get that ball rolling, so we were invested!).

Weekly Menu Plan
Breakfast for dinner, clean out the fridge night, mystery freezer stuff, spaghetti, hot dogs & burgers. No idea what order, depends on the activities!!!

  • Work
  • scrape more siding at my Mom's
  • laundry
  • unload truck of lumber for MIL's wheelchair ramp
  • The Princess is back to school
  • paint at Mom's
  • Clean children's bedrooms, they are gross
  • Work
  • Laundry
  • Paint at Mom's
  • Vacuum
  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Paint at Mom's
  • School for Princess
  • Clean desks
  • Vacuum couches, ewww
  • Work
  • School for Princess
  • Paint at Mom's
  • Shopping
  • Football Game - home

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