Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just a catch up

Quick catch up that is...

I know everyone SAYS they are busy, but this is nuts!
Our week has been one thing after another.
I worked so I was out of the house from 9 - 3:30
The Prince did homework from 3:45 until 4:30 (he had a bad day)
Made dinner, got dressed for practice, where the coaches got into an argument with another coach & some parents... We have a parents meeting with the board on Thursday because of it.
Gist of issue - Apparently there was a communication issue with the Saturday game & ONE kid who was supposed to play both offense & defense only played offense. Oh boo hoo, he still got to play! If the kid was so concerned he should have said "Hey coach, shouldn't I be in there?" Anyhoo - things were said in front of the kids (9-11 year olds) and now we have to go tell the board what they should do or something like that... It's a small town & things seem to get heated quickly when everyone knows your business... Love it!!!

Tuesday The Princess had school, I painted for 4 hours. I've been working on my parents house every chance I can trying to get it painted before the snow flies.
Homework & then off to practice

Wednesday We had open house at the school, I had to work until 3 & then stop at the bank. Oh yea, the Prince started chorus, so he had to ride the first bus, which meant I had to get up an hour early to get him out the door an hour early.

Thursday Princess at school, run to store to buy the insulated heat duct to finish that project before it frosts tonight. The football meeting, homework I'm sure. Scraping some window trim & removing storm windows at my parents.

Friday Princess at school, I work 11-4, homework, dinner, maybe football.

Saturday we have to be at the game by 12:30, hubby has a gun raffle at 3, kids have a b-day party at 4, the boy will HAVE to shower first... I'm going to be insane by the end of the weekend.

Somewhere I'm supposed to find time to cook & do laundry, & all the normal cleaning that doesn't get done unless I do it (toilets, wipe sinks, dust, sweep under things).

We have to do about 6 outdoor projects on our house, but we've been side tracked by my Parents house project & building a wheelchair ramp at my In-laws.

It's no wonder my insides are all angry at me LOL!

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