Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Finally our first game is tonight, after almost a month of practices.

Oh yea, I think I forgot to mention that we are coaching a minor league team (the Prince's). Ok well Hubby is coach, I get to be team Mom. For all you non-baseball Mom's that just means I get to organize my fleet of snack stand workers & make sure we have cold ice packs for boo-boos (oh and the de-lice spray for the helmets, ewwww).

The Princess is playing t-ball, everything is pink & purple, except for her team color RED, oh the crime of fashion it will be... Her first game isn't until the 24th. There ended up only being 2 teams & they'll play 5 games. T-ball is always cute to watch!!!

I was one of few who did not play when I was younger so the sport itself is really lost on me! So I just added this book to my wish list...It Takes More Than Balls: The Savvy Girls' Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Baseball

Written by The Savvy Girls, it's a girls guide to baseball! There is a great article written about the book on

They must know their stuff because they even have a MLblog Network blog. I just know the basics, hit the ball run to first, try not to get out, unless you are on the field & then it's catch the ball or get it to a plate...but it must be more complicated than that given the 100+ page rule book I have sitting on my desk, eeek!

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