Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Frugal stuff around the net.

Frugal Chick had a great Frugal Friday tip about using microfiber cloths on her swiffer sweeper. I recycle flannels (and old cloth diapers) maybe I need to invest in some microfiber cloths too...

Being Frugal posted 5 great places to start being frugal! And there are some great tips in the comments too. I love making things from scratch sometimes it ends up being cheaper, but usually it's just the healthier option!!!

Kitchen Tip Tuesday over at Tammy's Recipes is home to some great kitchen tips (LOL!).
I recycled our baby food carousel for use in our spice cupboard. It doesn't hold the larger jars but it is great for the small and medium sized jars. For thejavascript:void(0)
Publish Post larger jars I stacked some scrap lumber into a tier shape so I didn't have to go out & buy a stepped spice rack. Besides the stepped spice rack I did buy (one that pulls down out of the cupboard) didn't fit in my spice cabinet so I re-purposed it to hold soup cans. I think my best tip for kitchen organization is use what you have & don't be afraid to change what isn't working for you!

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