Saturday, May 17, 2008

Economical First Aid

For all the other "baseball" Mom's out there I just had to share my dugout re-useable ice packs!

I've made the "alcohol/water" (orange) before, but in my searching for the proper ratio I found a recipe using dish soap (green).

I just dumped half of a small bottle into a zip top bag & added a little rubbing alcohol. I made one without the alcohol & they seem to be about the same after freezing. These are double bagged & do leak a little but I keep them in a plastic container when they are in the freezer & we take them to practice & games in a 2 qt drink cooler (it's what I had). These have been used twice already & we have only just really begun our season.

This is a much "greener" alternative to the instant ice packs and only require a little bit of effort.

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