Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Garden #2

We have been cramming in gardening around the rain drops! Saturday was a busy day in particular, Tuesday was even busier! Since Saturday we have:

1. put in a second "cold frame" using an old laundry basin & 1 pane from the window we replaced in the living room. The first tub houses our carrot crop & the second is now planted with round 1 of leaf lettuce & spinach.

2. Moved a boxwood shrub.

3. Tilled the bed in the front yard where we had some veggies last year & planted the new hydrangea & the boxwood shrub. My plan is to get a couple more boxwoods in there & maybe some perennials along with a few annuals. We will need a huge amount of mulch to cover this bed, it beats having to mow the awkward spot!

4. Transplanted all of the seedlings into slightly larger containers. I realized I have only 4 regular tomato plants (12 went to my parents) and 12 green pepper plants. Of course I counted & I have 9 cherry tomato plants. Hope they are good producers, I only need enough to can anyways. The princess is the only family member who eats raw tomatoes.

5. Created a 3rd green house/cold frame using a tote & the 2nd window pane, temporary just to get the seedlings outside. I am leaving it uncovered until the evening so they don't get cooked.

6. Moved our picnic tables back into our yard. For some reason we have left them in between us & the neighbors since they borrowed them for a party last August. Not that we haven't been using them, we were just going to their yard. Strange!

7. Put in a rock border around the un-edged part of the bed in the front.

8. Picked up a bunch of broken sand box toys & a lot of stuff that has blown in.

9. Planted some cherry tomatoes & "lemon" cukes in containers with trellis.

10. Cleared off the front porch & brought out the rest of the furniture.

11. trimmed the wisteria a little & took a picture of my first & only flower bunch.

12. created a pot for my Mom for Mother's day & planted one of my antique tool boxes with the left overs.

13. admired all the wild strawberries that are growing in my yard & trying to get our teen neighbor (who mows our yard) to not hack them to death like he did my locust tree seedling.

14. Planted (moved) 2 maple tree seedlings (hubby did this all on his own, I hope they live).

15. Gave our future pole barn a new "location" in the yard. We were going to put it out where we now have a REALLY LARGE & UGLY batting cage, but I think it would make more sense if we put it where we currently have the swing set. We have 2 really old maple trees there now & they will have to come down in the next couple of years (they aren't the most healthy things) so it's the perfect location & we don't have to put in any extra blacktop (think air port runway here, I am so tempted to order some line paint...)

16. Cleared up our old campfire area & tilled it. I am going to sink a pole & create a pole bean tepee here. Should be fun for the kids. As soon as the pole is sunk & the lines are run I'll lay down a stone floor. They aren't supposed to be out in the yard barefoot, but flip flops aren't much better & I want to have a nice surface for sitting on!

We were outside as much as possible so I'm sure I've missed a project or 10 here!!!

We are waiting for the gas company to come & finish their project in the front yard, they ran new line all the way up our street & are going to replace the "tie ins" as well. I am hoping they don't have to dig up more yard but I'm not making any plans for out there until they are done!

I am thinking about "borrowing" Stephanie's idea and creating some potato planters out of old tires. I just happen to have a couple in the garage & I think I have the soil at the top of the pumpkin patch worked up enough to give the crop a try...

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