Friday, March 7, 2008

The Ultimate Blog Party is HERE!!!

Party time!!! Wish I could party more, but I started working at an "ONLY" Easter candy store, so we are B-U-S-Y right now.

If this is your first time here, Welcome! If you've been here before, Howdy!

I have been blogging for over a year now, I'm not the best at it, but hey it's a learning process! I have other blogs, so posting to all of them is challenging & sometimes I just go on a posting binge!!!

I'll leave you with the hamburger recipe I made for dinner tonight, it was delish!

1 pound of ground beef (I used the 73/27 stuff)
1 egg
1 handful of oats (rolled)
2 T flax seed
2 handfuls of finely chopped fresh spinach leaves
1 dash of minced garlic

Mix all ingredients together, form patties & cook as you normally would a hamburger (I cooked them until the internal temp was 145 degrees in a grill pan, blizzard conditions so no grill!) I had provolone on mine & it was so moist & yummy I just had to write down what I did!!!

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