Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter is over!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend!

The store has been taken down & emptied, whew! Three weeks & 3 pallets of chocolate later, I think I have finally recovered. I feel almost human again. It really is a fun thing to do & being only 3 weeks it's only a small part of my year, but it seems to take over!!!

After working 23 hours in 2 days I was pretty beat on Sunday, but we managed to make both families dinners. The Easter bunny brought lots of chocolate, I figure that has to be better than the nasty "all sugar" candy right???

Now I am off to clean my house, because it was bad enough before I started the 3 weeks, now it's REALLY bad! Everything is behind. All I wanted was a little acknowledgment for what I do on a regular basis, you know the gross stuff, like the toilet & shower & cleaning the toothpaste off the sink & 3 loads of laundry a day & that the dirty clothes don't take them selves to the laundry room... but NOOOO. Of course not, sigh. I will update our goals some time this week, right now I need to plow a path to the laundry room!!!

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