Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter is coming

I know it's early and there are so many other things going on to distract us (St. Patty's Day, the Spitzer scandal, elections, etc). I only have had to embrace the reality because I am surrounded by giant chocolate bunnies for 6 hours a day, EVERY DAY!

I am currently waiting for the washer to finish running so I can jump in the shower & start getting ready for today's retail experience! I guess I figured we'd survive the 3 short weeks I work unscathed, boy was I wrong. The goal now is to not run out of clothing before Easter & maybe find the furniture. Apparently the kids have taken over & the toys have made their way into EVERY corner of the house. I have done my best to find at least one corner today!!! Under the love seat was just scary... I swear it was empty just a week ago. Sigh, it will take me at least a week of constant cleaning to "catch" us up to where we were before I started at the store!

Just more proof that messing with the routine is very bad, but I think we'll survive!

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