Friday, March 7, 2008

And welcome to my crazy life.

Easter candy has begun, so if I don't post it's only because I am no where near a computer... I just knew I'd regret not buying an iphone!!!

Brief update on life... It's snowing here, yuck. We had a wonderful spring like day then ice now snow. I really wish this global warming would start soon. At this rate we'll have to break out the Christmas outfits for Easter!!! Hubby just had to hammer the ice off our back steps, I should have thought of that at the store 2 days ago, it would have been faster than the shovel!

We fixed our leaky pipes, and that's about it, we still haven't gotten to installing the new hot water heater. My hours are just too crazy now, but I do enjoy getting out of the house! And being in a room filled to the gills with chocolate isn't sooooo bad, it's just hard to keep from eating it ALL!!!

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