Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1st????

The month of September went by in a blur! A blur of early mornings, late evenings, arguing about homework, almost daily baths/showers, bills and ignoring the budget.

WE got totally upside down this month, which stinks because it is going to take another month to get right side up again. Started with the washer breaking, $92 later I am back to abusing my GE! We bought a used car & had to fix it up & put it on the road. A much needed expense, but an expense none the less. And my poor van is still sitting at the repair shop, I'm not sure if it's because we can't pay the almost $1000 bill or if the mechanic really doesn't feel like tackling the huge project! Unfortunately for him we are wanting it fixed. I was so discouraged earlier in the week I had considered cutting our losses & sell it for scrap or a project car. But hubby told me that if we put this $ into it, we'd be able to trade it in for full book value by the end of the year (or shortly after). So I am trying to look at it as a win win, either way I will finally have my soccer mom vehicle back & we'll be back to a 2 vehicle family!!! Progress!

We are still trying to sell our concession trailer. I think that if it doesn't sell locally in the next month I'm going to list it on Ebay. Everyone around here is looking to haul their motorcycles & snowmobiles, it is just too finished for that!

We opened a checking account attached to our TD Ameritrade account. I missed checks so much! It was convenient, they arrived just in time for school pictures & a PTA fundraiser (cookboks). The account earns interest, plus it isn't one for everyday use, so we won't be using a ton of checks just more checks for things I would have used cash for in the past (like the MIA school book order from last Christmas...). Which means that the $ will actually earn interest! Woohoo!

Other progress an the home front, we had a tree taken down (our unexpected expense, he just showed up and started cutting, he was supposed to come & tell us when we were on the schedule, oops). It was old & wasn't ever going to fall in the direction we wanted it to, and it wasn't nearly as expensive as I've heard from others. I can't imagine having to pay $2500 to have a tree taken down, we are spoiled it only cost us $400.

That's about it, I'll have to go over the goals and do an end of Summer wrap up! Maybe after dinner :D.

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Mum2Bub said...

Ugh. I couldnt agree more. I cant believe its October already! Sigh. ~J