Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weight Loss Surgery???

I don't feel like I am at a point where weight loss surgery is an option for me. Sure I am heavier than I'd like to be, wider than I'd like to be, but I am slowly slimming down. So I don't even think that I am elidgible. I also don't agree with the assesment that my calculated BMI puts me at severely obese. I used to swim distance events and the butterfly in school. It had a huge impact on my natural shape. I have broader shoulders than most and a basic muscle structure that is larger than a normal 5'4" woman. Sure I still have a bunch of baby fat I'd like to loose. But according to the BMI calculators I was obese at my top fit weight. Can't help it I have curves, I don't think it's possible for me to get to the ideal weight recommended for me. If I remember correctly I was there in the 7th grade... If you could see my Senior year picture you wouldn't think I was obese at all! I think the only way to get an accurate BMI is to be tested by someone certified to do so.

Of course just because I don't think it's not for me doesn't mean it isn't a viable option for those who have tried EVERYTHING else. I think that people considering weight loss surgery should weigh all the options available to them. This website seems to have a variety of support tools and a great deal of information on the Lap-Band option.

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