Saturday, October 6, 2007

CVS - actual

Ended up taking hubby with, and that never makes things go smoothly!  Plus my neighbor asked me to pick some stuff up for her after she saw the ad.   So I rang her medicine up first & used the $10 ECB towards mine.  She doesn't have an extra care card yet & was really happy with the sale prices, plus she doesn't "actually" pay for it!

I got my DM, Motrin, child Motrin, Dayquil, Tylenol cold, Advil C&S, Dimetapp $48.50 - $23 = $25.50, Not bad I had a coupon I couldn't use (it was a sneaky 2 for) & I forgot 1 so it should have been $3.50 less if I had planned it better.

The second checkout was ok, they were out of a couple things I wanted.  And you know they look at you weird when you buy that much medicine at once, but the sales were good & obviously I had planned this trip!  I just told the clerk that I have 2 kids & cold season is coming why wouldn't I stock up?

I got the Pantene 3/$12, Irish Spring 2  3packs for $3.98, Bounty 8 pack $6.49, Dove Shampoo 2 for $9.98, Dove facial cleanser $4.99, Dove Deodorant $3.49, 2 Dawn dish soap for $1.98 (because they were out of the Puffs), Colgate toothpaste B1G1F $2.79, I had to add girl stuff & hubby bought a 12 pack for an extra $13.58 that wasn't in the original plan.  So $59.28 - $18 =  $41.28 + tax $45.17

We didn't grab the razors, and I decided the cling wrap wasn't something I needed to have, really want the press 'n seal but that wasn't on sale.

Total =  $70.67 out of pocket plus I came home with $12 in ECBs so we were over $14.17 over, hmmm could that be the beer & extras!!!

I decided to skip Rite Aid, completely the other direction from where we were last night.  I'll see what they have in next weeks ads tomorrow!

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