Thursday, October 4, 2007

September Goals Update

1. Teaching kids about $ - I seem to be making some progress in this area, especially with their birthday's coming up soon. The Prince is trying to ask for things he really wants/needs instead of everything he sees a commercial for. I have been slacking in paying their allowances lately, it's not really fair to them, but it's not like they want for much!

2. Saving $ - Well buying the car has made it impossible to set aside much at all. Thankfully hubby has $ going into his 401K & a Savings account out of his check. Plus back to school expenses, tuition, photos, lunch, etc... My ING account has gone backwards, took some out to fund our new checking account, hopefully now that they are linked I'll be able to put it back & add to it regularly.

3. Organizing - "You can't organize clutter." I keep telling myself that every room I am in! My "foolishness" is starting to shrink (Clean House on Style). We are cleaning out all the "clutter" & trying to only leave what we use, love or need. I am in process of clearing our front room out, we are going to move the table in there after I finish ripping up the carpet. Plus it is a Super Fling month on FlyLady, so we are decluttering in each zone. As soon as I'm done with this article I am off for a 27 Fling Boogie.

4. Exercise & weight - Don't get me started... Still haven't lost a pound, but the clothes are getting looser & looser. Considering trying on a 14W next time I go to the store, just to see.

5. Creative Time - I still have multiple unfinished projects, tooth pillow, mixer cover, tote bag, quilt... I will get them done soon, I will.

6. Bed time for the Princess - We will get back on schedule this week, we have been overwhelmed with the back to school thing & our unseasonably warm weather, the kids have been pushing play time to the limits & soon enough it'll be icky, so we've let them!

7. Emergency kits - I organized the first aid kit & have a list for this weeks shopping trip of medicines & supplies so we will be set for winter weather! I also need to pick up some flashlight batteries & a couple new flashlights (new car, new supplies!).

8. Routines - WE fell into our back to school morning routine easily enough, even with have to get both ready for school 2 days a week. It the before bed we've had problems with, but we'll get it together soon.

I haven't been tracking expenses lately & with hubby buying a lot of our food from work it's been hard to keep track of. All I know is that I have 2 freezers full of food! I am going to clean out the fridge a little at a time this week, lots of scary leftovers in there at the moment...

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