Thursday, October 4, 2007

Garage Lighting

I realized the other day that we have poor garage lighting. The only things in there are 2 incandescent bulbs & I'm pretty sure one needs a new bulb! There is a 4 foot fluorescent unit, but I don't think it is plugged in. I think hubby brought it up from the basement (another poorly lit dungeon).

We need more task specific lighting. There is a long table that we are using as a workbench that has no overhead lighting at all. Makes it really hard to see what you are doing. There are a few windows in there at least. One is a full size normal window & the others are in the overhead doors.

I'd consider a solar light, but with our days getting shorter & shorter it wouldn't help at all with those pesky winter evening projects. Plus our garage is detached, so we even need to upgrade our exterior lighting. Of course the whole garage needs updating not just the garage lighting. The doors are falling apart, of course they are ancient wood doors, the roof is in fair condition & the center support beam, err, well... has no support!

I'd love to flick the switch & be bathed in light, I can say the same for our house. Apparently at some point cave trolls lived here... light is scarce & hard to find!

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