Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

The kids are home. School was canceled due to the forecast of a lot of snow. So I have lost my day to catch up, wrap presents & enjoy some peace & quiet! Hubby will be home from work early, so hopefully I can head up to the sewing room & get a couple of these adorable aprons made. I picked up some fantastic fabric at Wal*mart the other day. It had such a great feel and will make lovely aprons. I also want to put together a few of these slippers.

I do feel bad for the kids though, they were both supposed to have Holiday parties today & I still have their teacher gifts. I guess it'll have to wait until after break now. Of course the elementary kids were supposed to have their sing along today too. They've been working so hard, I hope the school lets them hold it when they go back.

The kids were up early, and I woke up to the 5:55 school phone call, yikes, but we're still moving pretty slow.

I just sat down at my desk to get it cleaned off. It amazes me how quickly papers pile up here. We are supposed to have dentist appointments today but I had to reschedule. It's really coming down now.

After I finish with my desk I am moving on the the kitchen. I really need to clear off my shelf. Hubby uses it to empty his pockets, so there's a ton of stuff up there!

Happy snowy Friday!!!

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1 comment:

Kim said...

Sorry to hear your kids missed out on all their holiday activities. Send some of the snow towards Maryland please. We had nothing but rain!!! We always miss out on the good stuff!