Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've been so swamped!

I've been barely getting through my blog reader & email each day, right now I should be emptying the dish washer & starting on cookie dough. I have 2 1/2 hours until I have to pick the Princess up from school, it really isn't long enough!

I have several sewing projects in the works, we have the artificial tree up, most of the decorations are out. I'm just not feeling it this year. I'm going to blame my birthday or hormones!

Thankfully our finances should be back to normal by the end of December (or as normal as possible). Maybe I'll have something frugal to talk about then, and our get out of debt plan will be up & running! We'll see my hubby has a way of planning & then tossing our plan out the window for his, LOL! You know like, I'm going to get this work from home job & get my MBA online starting this fall, so you can go get a job because I'll be home for the kids... That lasted like 5 minutes after I got my job!!! There was an issue with his registration & financial aid, apparently he didn't get immunization forms back in June with the packet & then we had an interesting time trying to locate the most up to date ones & Then he got a job working as a food coordinator at our local food bank & soup kitchen...

I am happy about the job, both of them, I really like what I'm doing & I think he can be very effective in the job he has, it's just right now trying to make his full time schedule work with my part time schedule & only 1 vehicle... it's stressful for me. Mostly because I am a little OCD (ha!) and it just feels out of control to me & I don't like it. And with no one being home 3 days a week it's made babysitting a problem. Right now they go to my Mom's when they aren't in school. It's worked out so far, but again, it's stressful!

So, I'm going to put on some Christmas music & do something!

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