Friday, September 14, 2007

Black Friday is around the corner

I live for black friday deals. I have done some of my best holiday & family shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. The sooner I get the ads the better I can plan my spending! Nothing kicks off the Christmas season for me like standing in the parking lot with a cup of coffee freezing my behind off with all the other crazy people!

In the past I have gotten a computer, portable DVD player, Nintendo Micro, my sister bought her trampoline, we missed out on the Wii though. I count on getting the ads as early as possible so I can decide if I'm gonna go at all! We usually just go to the local Wal-Mart. So I start searching online for the Wal-Mart deals like now...

I've already signed up for the newsletter & hopefully there will be a screaming deal on TVs because ours is just biding its time... Hopefully there will be some intersecting with my gift list!

I'm not one of the people who go & then try and profit by selling the stuff online later. I'm strictly a gifts or personal use person! I am guilty of picking up a few extras for other people, after all , not many people I know want to get up at 5AM the day after Thanksgiving (unless they are heading to the woods)!

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