Sunday, August 19, 2007

Secrets of Successful Savers and other tips found in older magazine articles A Series

Not that I save EVERY magazine I've ever bought, received or read, I just save the ones I find useful information in. The rest I just tear out the "good" stuff to file it & toss the junk. So in going through a stack of magazines I recently got from my Mom I found a few good articles that were worthy of rescue.

The first was "Secrets of Successful Savers - What they know that could work for you" by Elizabeth Blackwell (Woman's Day 4/23/02). This article is packed full of interesting & frugal advice like returning something that isn't as fabulous as you thought it would be, find something for nothing by using your local library (ours has a decent collection of videos & DVDs as well, I'm sure a larger metropolitan library would have more).

The best paragraph I read was "They're willing to work short-term to reach a long-term goal." This can be interpreted in so many ways. The author relates a story about a man who wanted a set of leather chairs for his new house & decide to work part time for the store to take advantage of the company discount & pay for the purchase. When I read the header several things went through my mind. Being a fluttering flygirl (FlyLady) I hear you can do anything a little at a time, baby steps. I also hear if you do a little now (save a little, do a little) it will have a significant impact on the bigger picture.

A couple zingers under quick strategies were don't run errands hungry; never carry more than $20 cash; next time you need a pick-me-up don't head to the mall head for family & friends; don't look at clothes in the front racks, head right to clearance.

A) I am so guilty of not eating before I run errands, yes I have noticed that sometimes I spend more, others less mostly because I'm in a hurry to get home & eat.

B) That is an impossible one if you only carry cash, I don't have checks or any credit cards. I do have a couple debit cards that are always with me, but I keep the balances fixed so I don't use them often.

C) I have stopped the run tot he mall for that boost. Of course the mall is an hour away now so it's a hassel to get there. Hope I can keep up the habit once we move back to the area! (not happening any time soon at least)

D) I hardly ever look at clothes that aren't on the clearance rack. Unless I'm in Wal-mart & I even head to the clearance signs there first. I rarely ever pay full price for clothing.

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