Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finally a ME spree!

Well not really a spree but I did pick up a few much needed items for my closet! If you are a regular reader you may have noticed that I keep mentioning I need clothes. Well that is because I have lost a significant amount of myself (I'd love to say weight but I just dropped a size & not an ounce followed, perplexing). When I started losing weight I was a 22W. I had managed to get back down to an 18 (16W depending on cut) in between kids but after the Princess I was standing still at 18W. I am happy to report that Saturday I was able to put on a pair of 14W Capris . I didn't end up buying them because a different pair of jean Capris fit just as good & were way cooler.

I still feel more comfortable with larger on top, but that's just my body type. I did find a bra that helps me look slimmer. It's that Dolly Parton thing, I can't even begin to think how difficult it must be to dress her figure!

Sew, anyways, I went to the mall with my sister on Saturday & found a few pieces of quality clothing that make me feel good, look good & the best part is I don't look like a frump. My main goal was to find an outfit to wear to the company picnic on this Saturday. I didn't want to be standing around talking to people & have to hike my shorts up every couple of minutes. Just so unbecoming! I picked up a couple of tops, the jean capris (40% off sale), a pair of black shorts, a couple headbands (cheaper than I could make them for of course), a pair of camo crocks, a pair of Rocket Dog sneakers (BOGO 50% off split with my sister), plus I got something to say I've started Christmas shopping (clearance rack). I spent under $100, which I didn't think was too bad for what I got & the fact that we were at the mall! I do love a good sale, and we did the bulk of our shopping at Burlington Coat Factory.

I will admit that after I got home I felt guilty about every single purchase. I'm just not good at spending money on myself. Even when it is absolutely necessary.

Of course we find out that the van is going to cost almost $1000 to fix because it has a broken spring on top of all it's other problems, hubby called & said the GOOD news is that it doesn't need a new radiator... THAT's the GOOD news??? The new price is only twice what we were anticipating. All I have to say is that the thing had better run problem free for at least a year! At least it will be done, on the road & then we can move on to finding a second vehicle.

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