Wednesday, August 8, 2007

2007 Goals July update

I said something in July about updating goals, sorry!

1. Teaching my kids about money... We have a system the 7 year old gets $7, the 3 year old gets $3. They give me $2/$1 for their savings accounts. The Prince has already earned $25 & saved $10, the Princess $15 & $5. It is almost time for a trip to the bank to make deposits of their savings. My issue is letting them spend their money. I know it's theirs, but I feel like I should still control it for them. We pay the neighbor's 12 year old to mow our lawn ($10 a mow, he only rides, we have to do all push & detail, he doesn't even pick up) and he usually turns around and buys a 24 pack of pop. It isn't really setting a great example for our kids. I want them to learn that they should get something for their money. Am I just being too uptight? After all until 2 days ago the Prince wouldn't drink pop. The things I think he should spend his money on are the expensive video games he wants, you know, the $50 ones. I do expect that they will use little bits to buy treats, but usually I keep something on hand for them to snack on or treat with.

2. Saving money... It is really hard to "justify" saving money when you have SO MANY expenses. I have been trying to squirrel away a bit with every paycheck but with some major expenses looming it has become hard. Plus since we closed the only checking account we had, I have no way to fund the ING account yet. I am going to go with next weeks paycheck & open an account in town. They have been pushing the FREE checking thing and the account we have our paychecks deposited into doesn't do ACH transfers. Don't ask me what that means or why they don't, but they don't. All I know is that I can't fund the accounts with it.

3. Organizing... I have accomplished a bit of this lately. The living room has been livable for some time. I think I finally found an arrangement that works for us. Plus even with the chaos of replacing a window it isn't too messy. We still need to finish the window, we have to replace all the interior trim because the new vinyl is about 4" thinner than the older wooden one. So bummer we can't reuse the old trim, but we did manage to find a piece we can create a header out of in the attic. now all we need is inside trim & a sill. The bathroom is organized, I probably tossed a garbage bag of stuff from in there. Gross toys, empty bottles, misc junk... Now everything is organized by use; basket of nail stuff, bag of hair accessories, first aid kit, medications, hair brushes & sprays, etc, etc, etc! Small victories, it has managed to stay mostly organized despite it's frequent use! Woohoo.

4. Exercise & weight... Still maintaining the weight thing. Not sure how, but I am. I walk whenever I feel up to it. For some reason I have been extremely tired lately, gonna ask the Dr. to figure out why.

5. Creative time & organized computer time... I haven't been sewing too much, summer not really a good craft time for me.

6. Potty Training is DONE! We have started reading Harry Potter to the kids at bed time in her room, so she will fall asleep & then we tuck the Prince in. She will stay in there for a long time some nights & just a while others. I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon. Took the Prince until 5 to get it right

7. Emergency kits - Ok, slacker me. I have a picnic basket packed, does that count???

8. Routines - My routines are forming, I am trying to squeeze in more actual housework in the AM, but I still usually end up doing most of it in the afternoon after I get a few hours of work in.

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