Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally - progress! - cleaning up my drafts!!!

I am cleaning up my drafts section & found some floating posts, so I'll be posting them this week!!!

We have finally put up the siding to finish our living room window project. Don't get me started on the interior trim... The siding is up. If it stays warm enough this week it will be painted & then I can say that the exterior portion of that repair will be complete!

We decided to replace instead of change the siding. So instead of putting up something new & different we just matched (sort of) what was there.

We used a type of cement board. We purchased 16 foot lengths. I caulked the joints and exposed nails. We primarily used a hidden nail installation method, but some locations that just wasn't possible, or since we were installing over some areas of old siding we hadn't removed just wasn't working!

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MichaƩle said...

Hi! Just found your blog! I have been blogging for several years but just started my mommy blog. May I add yours to my blog roll? Love the blog..will be back to read some more!

Lissaloo said...

Siding is such a pain, ugh, Nice to have it done though I bet :)