Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring has Sprung!!!

I just couldn't stay out of the dirt any longer! I had to start some seedlings.

I saved seeds from our pumpkins, green peppers, & squash. I tested them out by laying some on wet paper towels & leaving them in zip lock bags until they sprouted. After they sprouted I planted them in some dirt. So far they've done well. I may have pumpkins ready in August, but maybe they'll just be HUGE!!!

I also started some petunias & sweet peas, along with pole beans & eggplant. My issue last year was that the seeds didn't get in the ground soon enough to produce much at all. We had late frost. Now I'm just hoping I didn't start too early!!!

I also started a cherry tomato plant for my Princess. Hopefully it will thrive & she will have tomatoes all season!

I started a couple containers of grass to use as decor for Easter. I think they look cute, especially after I trimmed it yesterday! I'm thinking they'll look even better with a couple eggs hiding in there!

Going to start saving my containers for when I transplant outside


HowToMe said...

:-) Thank you I enjoyed reading your post!

Lissaloo said...

I love the grass in the white cup! How cute, what a fun idea! :)