Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decluttering & Spring Cleaning #1

Decluttering with a Camera is a great tip. I took pictures of a lot of my babies in their little clothing so I wouldn't have to hang on to boxes of that cute stuff! I'll always have the pictures.

I use my camera as a tool with my FlyLady home "walk through." It's a great way to SEE that stuff that you just don't see anymore. You know the knick knacks you walk by every day, that sloppy pile of papers or magazines... The camera doesn't lie & a quick snap shot is a great way to see what each area really looks like!

I am finding that it is easier to let things go when they are going to a good cause, so find a great charity to give your stuff too. I find myself adding things to the boxes just because I KNOW someone will be able to use it...

I like after pictures, a lot!!! They make you feel accomplished & it's a reminder of how good it can look with regular upkeep. Very helpful for an easily distracted homemaker like me!

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Lissaloo said...

I hate getting rid of my girls cute things when they out grow them :( I do enjoy a good spring cleaning though.