Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Goals

1. Continue to work the budget. Fund EF 5% of our income a month.

2. Set up guest bedroom

3. Decorate the house.

4. Simplify & purge

5. Join our church. This one is easy, we've already submitted the paperwork & have a second appointment. WOOT!

6. Complete 6 home improvement projects
a. Finish painting & hanging bathroom trim
b. Run New ducts upstairs
c. Fix dinning room ceiling
d. Finish The Princess's bedroom ceiling
e. Finish ceiling in kitchen
f. Roof repairs
g. Screening on side porch

7. Work on one sewing project/gift a week. Finish my stack of UFOs. Have a more hand made Christmas in 2009.

8. Stop feeling guilty about spending money on things that feel optional, but are really necessary (new work shoes, clothes, hair cuts). I've been a dream of a wife, considering the stats relating to what the average is we women spend on this kind of stuff. I spent $25 in 2008 on a hair cut, felt terrible about it, WHY??? It should be $150 if I had it done every 8 weeks like I should. That's just your basic cut, it would only increase with a style or a wash.

That's good for now! After all it's already the 13th...

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santo said...

Hi! Were you able to do your oh-so realistic goals? Well, thankfully, we've accomplished so many goals this year. Aside from remodeling our home office, we also replaced our 10-year-old roof that leaked ever since that great hurricane came. And we're looking forward to finishing more of our 2011 goals! =D

Santo Caridine

Alejamuel Sultz said...

Don't feel like you're being trapped by money and other material needs. If you want it, buy it! Of course, you should try to do this moderately so you can always have control over your money. Good luck!