Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunny Sunday Cleaning #2

I had every intention of cataloging my whirlwind of spring cleaning, but the whirlwind has been more of a snails crawl! The dust bunnies are winning and I see no end in sight!

My modest goal for today & tomorrow is to have ALL the surfaces cleared off & dusted. We'll see how that goes! I have a feeling that I may just be shutting the kids doors & doing a stash -n- dash Saturday afternoon.

I have already put away a ton of stuff in the laundry room, making room for all the stuff that is out & doesn't have a home yet. I also need to get the rest of the Easter stuff put back into storage. The kids just don't want to put the baskets & buckets away yet.

I have 6 days to get the house company ready, I am co-hosting a "Tastefully Simple" party Saturday night. Should be fun, even if it isn't very frugal! A night with the girls is always worthwhile.

My raised garden bed is built & now I am just waiting on my delivery of dirt. Thankfully my brother dug a big hole this week for his foundation, I should be able to steal a dump truck full! The weather is beautiful here, but I'm sure it won't last. I don't dare plant in the ground before Memorial day!

On the "Frugal" front I did not have a great week! I feel like I've spent all the money I've been avoiding spending for the year in the last few days. I can't complain too loudly though, sometimes you just have to break down & spend the money. The Prince needed new baseball spikes, like he wore a 2 1/2 last year, this year he's wearing a 6!!! The toaster kicked, my niece is having a baby so must sew a quilt (buying a little at a time, since I'm still deciding on a pattern), groceries, gasoline, blah blah blah. I did squirrel away some into the EF. That account is growing, so I must be doing something right!

We celebrated Earth Week by planting 7 trees at our local state park, where my sister works. The kids loved it & will insist on visiting there tree ALL SUMMER LONG, I'm sure! We also celebrated Volunteer Recognition Week with a big breakfast at work. We had 29 volunteers recognized in our north county area, it was an impressive turnout. If you volunteer at anything THANK YOU! Your services are truly valuable & valued, it doesn't take much to make a difference in your community. Even the smallest gesture can change someones life for the better.

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