Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recovery & More Cleaning

Thankfully I am recovering from my minor surgery! It took a while to get out of the fog though. Next time I have anything done I want the GOOD drugs. I've tried Vicadin and now Darvacet, neither of which made me REALLY loopy. The darvacet made me a little hyper when I hadn't had enough to eat with it. Next time I want pink elephants, gosh darn it!

This week we have been clearing out more stuff and gathering clothing. I need to get the first floor sparkly clean by the 2nd of May. My neighbor & I are co-hosting a tastefully simple party here.

I shined the sink last night with baking soda & vinegar, the counter is wiped down. I also washed sheets for all our beds this week.

Upstairs I need to stick to my 15 minutes a day in the sewing area. I just have so much stuff "out" that needs a home.

I also have to make my Easter dishes & prepare the baskets today. I have to label about 100 pictures from the dance recital to give to family tomorrow!!!

It feels like I never get anything done, so if I write it down I can see that I did a lot more than I think I did!!!

Started seeds
Kitchen counter
laundry area
Easter shopping
Bed linens
dishes, laundry, dusting

Spring cleaning this week:

Linen closet
Bathroom cabinets
curtains in living room & kitchen
scrub the tub

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Lissaloo said...

Girl you sound busy! Aren't you suppose to be taking it easy? I am really curious, what is a tastefully simple party?